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Headway Group Smart Technologies is an innovation firm focused on building and empowering the next generation of Home Automation, IT and Security Services Technology.

Each of our installations is as unique as the client. We’ll work with you to achieve your vision, your way, to the very highest technical standards.

Headway Group Smart Technologies provides consulting and professional services in specific targeted areas using our in-depth knowledge gained from other areas of our business. We work closely with the customer, breaking work down into manageable phases, each with clear deliverables. We provide advice on home automation, IT and security strategy, technical design and project management. Our primary focus areas are:
Project Management

With experience deploying both large and small systems Headway Group Smart Technologies project managers may be used to deliver a number of project elements or the entire system. Elements may include validation of project objectives, identifying potential risks and recommending mitigation strategies, auditing supplier architecture and return on investment analysis .

Wireless Networking, Surveys & Design

Headway Group Smart Technologies deploy a significant amount of wireless systems ranging from networks designed to support thousands of users permanently to meshed latest generation networks temporarily. Consultants can provide wireless survey systems to validate installations or identify issues through interference identification whilst experienced architects can recommend the most appropriate wireless technology for addressing based on specific requirements should the network need to support high density, ease of management or device reporting.

Real Time Location Services

Coupled with wireless technologies, Real Time Location Services (RTLS) is a powerful tool in any organisation where tracking high value assets, people, environment aspects (temperature, noise, etc.) or delivering targeted information are important. Our consulting teams can recommend usage models and technical approach.

Near Field Communications

As a technology Near Field Communications (NFC), which includes iBeacon, Bluetooth LE and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) amongst others, is hugely powerful. Headway Group Smart Technologies have experience designing and deploying systems which use near field communications like our own contactless Crew Accreditation System. We understand how to interface with the various software & hardware elements and integrate with the broader infrastructure delivering a scalable and flexible platform.

Custom Projects

With significant experience in software development, server farms, virtualisation, smartphone apps, IT support and much more, our technical teams supported by our experienced project managers take on many projects which sit outside of the ‘normal’ IT scope. From multi-year enterprise software roll outs to the latest and greatest mobile app, we can apply our experience to anything.

We provide all Smart Building Automation, IT and Security requirements – design and implementation of the most complex solutions.